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alternative work

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Alternative Work Assignments 




To make-up writing work you missed due to absences or low grades, please complete the following.



Remember to do your best, neatest work to receive credit.



Ms. Edwards








1. Paragraph Writing




  1. Write a paragraph (at least ten sentences) on a topic of your choice.
  2. Look for areas to revise: strong verbs, alliteration, description, details anecdote, examples, experiences, reasons.
  3. Number the sentences for logical order.
  4. In the paragraph, write where you would put those additions.
  5. Rewrite your paragraph with the revisions in a logical order.


  6. Edit your paragraph for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, paragraphing.
  7. At the top of your paper, write the name of the assignment for which this is an alternative.



2. Spelling Make-up


  1. Use your spelling words in a paragraph or story. You may need to change the form (facility, facilities).
  2. Circle the words, making sure they are spelled correctly.


3. Writing Reflection



  1. Find a piece of writing from this year.
  2. Look over the writing for what you did well.
  3. Explain in writing what you did well
    1. order
    2. details
    3. examples
    4. nifty nouns
    5. vivid verbs
    6. alliteration
    7. onomatopoeia
    8. transitions
    9. introduction
    10. conclusion
    11. topic sentence
    12. elaboration
  4. What do you need to improve on?
    1. Find areas above you need to work on.
    2. Set a goal for yourself:  In two weeks, I will __________________________ better than I do now. Or I will write 5 vivid verbs in every paragraph for the next two weeks.

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