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First Quarter Lessons

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First Quarter Lessons

Quarter 2 Lesson Link




Week 1 9/2 



Meet the families

Introduce the year


Who am I   Who are you

What should I know about your student?

Writing Class Technology

Reading Strategies, homework supplies; Writing Components (Traits and Process), strategies, supplies



Week Focus:

Why am I here? (contract); procedures

Intro Bullying -- need to schedule with Michelle

skin again text by bell hooks

Cat and Fish by J. Grant


Wednesday 9/3/08

It’s Utter Panda-monium Around Here!  How do we prevent pandemonium?

Welcome WorkBench show.

Procedures (T-Chart)

Enter room--Supplies--Help

Planner--Make-up Work--Homework


Why I’m lucky to have you for a student in my class.



Thursday 9/4

Write to poster prompt:

“I hear yes’s better than no’s.”

so we can use tech.

Choose code name for technology work.

Lead to review of procedures and planners.

T-Chart Listening; Writing Independently (teacher/student/help) and practice-

Why am I here?  Independent, partner, group, class


Ideas? Organized? Proofread?



Friday 9/5

Poster Prompt:

Cat in a fishbowl; fish outside looking in

Review all procedures.

T-Chart: Writing to a topic or prompt

Why am I here, continued, or --

-The Important Book and practice --

Describe yourself following the IB pattern.


Ideas? Organized? Proofread? Sentences?



Monday 9/8

Poster Prompt:

“Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed.” 

Discuss how to share feelings; how to put problems aside and focus at school.

Review all procedures.

Did you follow “write to a topic” procedure?

Intro: Spelling Procedures


Ideas? Organized? Proofread? Sentences?


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