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Spelling Homework 5 

My Spelling Words:


Get spelling words from the current week of your class at: http://www.7write.pbwiki.com by clicking on Lessons (first link) and the current week.


More Monday


Practice each of your twenty spelling words by writing each word three times.


Terrible Tuesday


Mistaken Spelling Fun

Good spellers can write words different ways to find the right way.  This fun practice helps you learn the many different ways “sounds” are spelled in English while helping you learn the correct pattern for each of your words.



Choose five different words (the base words are different) from your spelling list.  Write each word correctly twice.  Then write each word in as many different ways as it could be spelled phonetically, but isn’t. Box in the correct words. This exercise helps you learn all the possible spellings so you can learn to pick the correct one.  Use a dictionary, if necessary.




exercise  exercise
exorsise  exorsize  exersighze  

Certain certain
 sertin  sertun surtin scurtin

Forcible forcible
forsible forsable phorsable phorscabel ghorscible

Efficient efficient
 ephishant uphishant eghitiant  ephiciant

Leaf leaf
 leef leiphe lleaphe   leif


Wordy Wednesday

Practice getting to know your words.

1. Say each of your spelling words in parts. These do NOT need to be correct syllables.


        Exercise  ex er cise

        Certain  cer tain

        Forcible  forc I ble

        Efficient  e  ffi cient

2. For each of twelve of your hardest words, do the following:

a. Write the word.

b. Say the word and count the word parts

c. Draw a line for each word part

d. Say the word again, and write each part as you say it.

e. Say the word again, writing it as one word as you say the parts.

f. Example:

a. Exercise

b. “ex” “er” “cise”  3

c. ex/er/cise

d. “exercise” ex er cise

e. “exercise” exercise


 Thoughtful Thursday




Word Meanings

Today, learn the meanings of five different words from your spelling list.  You will need a dictionary.  If you don’t have a dictionary at home, go to study hall in the morning.



1. Choose five different words. (The base words are different.)

2. Write one of those words.

3. Look the word up in the dictionary.

4. Read what it means

5. Write what it means in your own words.

6. Draw a picture of what it means.

7. Repeat 2-6 for each of your five words.



a. First word chosen: “bandaged”  (Base word: bandage)

b. Write one of the words: bandaged

c. Read the definition.

d. Write what it means in your own words:

A covering for an injury or sore







Are you ready for Friday’s test?

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